Saturday, January 16, 2010

Today's saying..

Assalamualaikum to all readerzzz…

Hey yall!! It’s me the Cheetah..It’s been quite a long time since I’ve updated the blog, hmm, bout 2 months n more?? Well, now, it is hard for me to keep in track with all the things I do, I mean, I’m suppose to have a routine n all with my uni’s study n my time to play n spend my own quality time n all d things that well, u know, suppose a student do. But, sure, this is one of d things a.k.a update my so-hard-to-keep-in-touch-blog..say what?! Okaaayyy, I’m supposed to study right now since my exam is right bout tomorrooowww. Like hellloooo?? Who does this kind of thing? Tomorrow.Exam.Study.Review.Fullstop. But nooo, I need to take this time to update my blog. What a good timing huh? But exam should not be the reason to slow down our dakwah!! (ehem ehem, speak to myself)..

Anywayz, enough wasting my time (now who’s talking? speak to urself). I don’t actually know what I wanna write right now, I mean I don’t have any idea,it juz that I feel like writing something. As long as we convey something even if it just one small thing, it’s consider great already. My saying for today is…

“The more we see Allah’s love signs, the more we will love Allah”

Ada paham? If not, why not my friends from alam rimba elaborate for me?! Hey guys, I’m asking 4 ur help, let’s make a healthy discussion here ok?

-Allah akan tolong hambanya selagi mane hambanya tolong saudaranya-

If the readers want to give their fresh opinions, u are more than welcome to shout out!! Come on, great muslims always speak up!! Till then, I’m off.

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