Sunday, December 12, 2010

Allah pemegang hati!!

Minta maaf. Hati memang x boleh dipaksa!! Kita xleh sesuka hati kite je nk suruh dia jadi begitu, nk suruh dia jadi begini. Nak dia terima itu, nak dia terima ini. Nak suruh dia buat begitu dan bukan begini. Nak dia dapat merasai betul2 ape yang kite rasai. Nak suruh dia fahami betul2 ape yg kite fahami(semoga kite terus-terusan faham). Tidak, memang x boleh!! Jadi utk ape kekecewaan ini??!! Utk ape kesakitan ini?! Kenapa perlu rasa kecewa bila dia x mahu menerima? Kenapa perlu rasa sakit bila dia menolak? Kenapa perlu rase sedih bila dia memberi alasan? “Ala~, ko xfaham.” Yes, mmg aku x faham!

Tapi prlu aku ingat, dia manusia, aku juga manusia. Mungkin sebab itu, iye, mungkin. Kerana manusia itu misteri, manusia itu kompleks, manusia itu lemah, manusia itu hanye hamba kepada Allah pencipta alam, Allah pencipta binatang, Allah pencipta manusia. Allah yg Maha Mulia, Allah yg Maha Pengasih, Allah yg Maha Memerhati, Allah yg Maha Penyayang, Allah yg Maha Pemberi, Allah yg Maha Halus dan semua 99 asma wa sifat Allah yang lain. Maka, Allah jugalah yg memegang hati2 manusia itu. Hanye Allah sajelah yg memegang, yg membolak-balikkan hati2 manusia. Yang Maha Memegang segala isi hati manusia.


Maka, aku sepatutnye kembali kepada Allah. (Al-Alaq:8)
Jangan dilayan rase kecewa, jangan dibiarkan hati kacau bilau. Kerana sesungguhnya dia juga manusia, hanye Allah lah yg memegang hati dia dan hati aku. Jadi, berdoalah kepada Allah agar hati aku dan hati dia tetap di bawah pengawasanNya. Agar semoga 1 hari nanti dia juga boleh faham, malah lebih daripada diriku. Agar pengakhiran dia dan aku dalam keadaan yang baik, yang dirahmati Allah. Ameen.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


What are you going to do IF you have only 10 days to live? Are you going to ditch all your classes and works and all the things you are supposedly to do and have fun all the way? Maybe to Disneyland or Legoland? But isn’t it expensive? What about money? “No, forget about the money, i only have 10 days to live, so what’s more precious than that aye?” So, yeay, spend all the money you got and buy everything you could only dream of before. OR maybe you gonna donate your money to the needs and repent yourself for all your doings, for all your 15, 20, 30 years of living? And even if you want to repent, what kind of repent will you do? Are you going to lock yourself in your room, away from everyone and pray all day and all night long for 10 days? Or will you do as many good deeds as you can? WHAT? WHAT WILL YOU DO??!!

The thing is, all those crap i’m asking you and myself are only IF and WHAT IF. But ironically, in the real world, the world we breathing right now, we will NEVER really know when will our death come to us. Soooo, dare i say, 10 days is quite a long time to have fun OR to repent(IF we know when our death is), but in actuality, maybe we don’t even have that long enough time, maybe as i’m typing all these stuff, i would be attacked by epilepsy, and since my immunity is weak and i can’t withstand the sheer shock of it, i’ll die immediately in front of my lappy; and what if at that particular time i’m not praying or not remembering Allah? Just sad~ don’t you think so?? Well, that’s just my imagination running wild; i think you could imagine a bunch more ‘happy ending’ better than mine. Maybe like in the ‘Final Destination’ or maybe like in the ‘Saw’. HAha, so much for your happy ending. [Ok, stop!! You’re scaring people away]. We do not know in what way our end is going to be, so just pray it’ll be good and always in Allah’s path. Al-Fatihah:6-7

I have heard so many people said “Tomorrow never dies!”. REALLYY??? This saying could only apply to the non-believers i would say. Because, come-on~ if we believe this saying, it’s the same as not believing in the Day of Resurrection, Day of Judgement. Because maybe tomorrow is ‘The Day’? We’ll never know, ONLY ALLAH KNOWS!! So, for that, we must really treasure our time for each second it’s ticking. Because every time it’s ticking tick-tock-tick-tock, we don’t know how much time longer left for us and how much time already shorten from us.

Thus, since tomorrow would never come for us, why don’t we obey Allah everyday & do something for our viva stock. Reminder for all the people out there that think(sedar or x sedar) all the fun (dramas, FB-ing, karaoke, coupling, stealing, chatting without any purposes, PSP, movies etc etc the list could go on forever, tgk bola tgh malam?)as viva in this short-lived world, 2 words, WAKE UP!!


[Also a reminder for myself, tegur2 la cheetah kalo cheetah tgh lagho ek] Assa!! Sorry for the laziness!!

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